Eddie C Eagle

A sharp legal-eagle
A user of laws
Abusing the flaws
Fine-tuning the clause
To give his deals claws

A schemer who dreams up the detail
Where the devil can hide
Biding his time

All the while
Waiting to pounce
Announce the bad news with a smile

Show the reptile within
Express hate in a grin

This pact he has made
Has a price to be paid
A contract for life and beyond
A bond with no waiver
No favours
No magic wand to be waved

Eddie was evil
But now he’s re-formed
He’s truly a devil

He’s savage

No longer just profit it’s pillage
Wants to ravage all dreams
Hear human screams
See despair take the light from men’s eyes

Such delight
As he rips through their lives
And tears them apart
Oh the joy of breaking the heart…

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