Some cuts last
His scars from the past
Are eight years old

Young sister Sue found in a skip
Cold, concussed and confused
Body broken and bruised

A note round her neck
“Just having a kip”

Investigation conducted
Victim abducted
Dr J was suspected

Inquiry stalled
Witnesses ‘failed to recall’ key events
Documents lost or mislaid
Objections to spiralling cost
(‘need to weigh the expense’)
Obstruction by powerful ‘friends’

Too many loose ends

Instruction to police to release Dr J

Case shelved

Uncluttered ward
Eyelids fluttered
Sue died

Numb unspeakable grief

That thief
Crept in
Took hold of the mother
Clutched her and taught her to scream

Her last breath

And the father?
His end was quite brief
Soon after the death of his wife
Found face-down in a stream

Young Mitch in a daze

Months in a haze of drinking and fighting

Strays into the Mob
And stays

For Mitch
Uncle Todd’s the only one left
Both bereft

Little surprise
That the warp and the weft of family ties them
They sometimes go fishing
Or go for a walk
It’s something to share
Neither wishing to talk

That’s too much to bear

But of late Todd’s habits have changed
There’s a look in his eyes


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